Preschool/Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation

eg. We provide evaluations for preschool students and children who are soon transitioning to kindergarten to assist in determining school readiness. Preschool evaluations are helpful for assessing a child’s functioning in five primary areas which include: cognitive skills, communication, physical/motor functioning, adaptive behavior, and social-emotional development. Preschool evaluations can also be helpful for determining any needs the child may have in preschool, and for providing helpful recommendations regarding treatment and early intervention.

Many parents are eager to start a kindergarten program with their child, but may be uncertain as to the right time to begin. If you have questions concerning your child’s readiness skills in general, a school readiness evaluation can be quite helpful for evaluating your child’s strengths and potential weaknesses, ascertaining specific services/interventions they may need within the classroom, and determining the best educational environment for your child.

A kindergarten readiness assessment typically covers language and developing literacy skills (eg. speaking, listening, writing, pre-reading), social skills (eg. ability to separate from parents, desire for independence, ability to play well with others), motor skills (fine and gross motor), and basic math skills.