Executive Functioning Coaching


Executive functioning refers to higher-level cognitive processes that are critical for achieving goal-directed behavior. Examples of executive functions include: 1) initiation of behavior/activities; 2) ability to flexibly shift between different activities without becoming stuck; 3) working memory (i.e., the ability to hold multiple pieces of information in mind at once, which is critical for performing multi-step tasks and sequencing); 4) planning abilities (e.g., preparing for complex projects); 5) organizational skills (e.g., organizing academic material or the home environment); 6) self-monitoring of behavior (e.g., ability to critically evaluate one’s performance and self-correct as needed); and 7) inhibition of behavior (ability to hold back behavior and regulate one’s responding to avoid impulsivity and poor decision-making).

Children and adolescents with deficits in attention and/or executive functioning may be quite bright, but often make careless mistakes, and struggle with organizational skills. They may achieve well on standardized tests, yet struggle on classroom tasks. For instance, a child may have strong math abilities, yet performs poorly on math assignments because of impulsive/careless responding without double-checking of work. These children may also have difficulty initiating (getting started) on tasks due in part to feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin.

Dr. Baker’s staff provide executive functioning coaching designed to improve executive functioning and focused/sustained attention. Interventions often focus on improving initiation of tasks (i.e., overcoming procrastination/getting started on tasks), improving daily organizational skills, improving task completion and self-monitoring of behavior, and improving mental flexibility (e.g., ability to shift attention and behavior). Clients are often given homework between sessions, and parents are provided with information about potential strategies to use within the home.

Executive functioning coaching sessions are $150 per session, and can be done in-office or virtually. Executive functioning interventions can be paired with EEG biofeedback (neurofeedback) and other forms of psychological treatment (e.g., psychotherapy) for more comprehensive treatment of executive functioning and attention/concentration.

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